Buffaloes seen roaming unsupervised in Batu Gajah. Pix courtesy of Batu Gajah District Council.

Cattle poser on the road, motorists at risk The local authorities are urged to keep buffaloes and cows off the road here.

Perak MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau chief Jimmy Loh Thim Khuen said the Batu Gajah District Council needed to act urgently.

Loh also said owners should be more responsible in keeping their livestock in proper paddocks instead of allowing them to roam about.

Loh said a 19-year-old teenager was killed when he crashed into a cow while riding his motorcycle in Kampung Bali on April 6.

“So far, there is only one fatality reported this year and another one was reported in June last year.

“The local authorities should play their roles and do something about this.

“These animals should not be allowed to roam freely.

“They also pose a danger to motorists, who have to avoid the animals swiftly while using the roads,” he said recently.

A motorist, R. Kumaran, said he once rammed into a herd of cows about three years ago at Ipoh-Lumut highway and he was fortunate that he only sustained minor injuries.

But his motorcycle was badly damaged.

“The authorities should look into the matter seriously,” he stressed.

Kumaran also urged the authorities to either rid the animals off the road or punish the owners for not keeping their livestock properly.


Batu Gajah Council member Yuen Chan How said the council had addressed the issue by advising livestock owners to supervise their animals.

Among the locations where a number of cows and buffaloes were found roaming unsupervised in the district include Kampung Bali, Tronoh, Bemban, Bandar Sri Pengkalan, Pusing and Papan.

“The breeders have been told to register at the local council, but as to date, none of them have come forward.

“Checks with the Veterinary Services Department (VSD) found there are 61 breeders in Batu Gajah,” he said.

Yuen said the owners must register with the district council, too, so that they could proceed with tagging their livestock.

“However, most of the owners refuse to do so because once an accident happens, the authority can identify the owner of the cow and they have to pay the price,” he said.

Yuen added that the council was always on the ground, monitoring the situation and they would catch the animals if they were found to be roaming untended.

“The district council enforcement unit is also working closely with the VSD. The owners will be fined RM2,000. Failure to pay the compound will lead to us auctioning off the animals,” he added.

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