(File pix) Traders next to Pasar Taman Tas want permanent stalls.File pix by MUHAMMAD SULAIMAN.

KUANTAN: The local authorities have been urged to build permanent stalls next to the Pasar Taman Tas here.

Residents from the housing area said the Kuantan Municipal Council should conduct a feasibility study on the idea as it would benefit traders and the community.

A resident had complained that stalls shared by traders in the vicinity were not built properly and lacked basic utilities such as clean water supply.


Paya Besar member of parliament Datuk Abdul Manan Ismail said the local authorities must ensure that any such stall was built for the convenience of the people and beautified the area.

“Personally, I am more inclined towards the construction of more uniform permanent stalls that include clean water supply  for the convenience of the traders and customers,” he said.

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