Indah Water Konsortium workers patching up the road in Shah Alam. PIC COURTESY OF MBSA

SHAH ALAM: Alam residents have taken to task the contractors who undertook road repairs near the junction of Persiaran Kayangan and Persiaran Dato Menteri.

Wan Nabilah said the repairs left the road uneven.

“Bumpy roads are a nightmare for a pregnant woman like me. Imagine having a big belly and going over potholes and uneven surfaces.

“The contractors did not do a good job. It’s as if they didn’t have enough tar.”

Nabilah said Persiaran Kayangan was one of the main roads to Section 7.

Ahmad Shariff said a sunken part of the road meant motorists had to slow down.

“It is a nuisance for residents who use the road every day. It poses a danger to motorists, especially motorcyclists.”

He urged the local authority to instruct the contractor tasked with the repair works to resurface the road.


Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) said it had resurfaced the road following a directive from the Shah Alam Municipal Council (MBSA).

Recently, sewerage upgrading works were done to the pipelines underneath the road and we patched up the hole after completing the task,” said an IWK spokesman.

An MBSA spokesman said utility companies such as IWK would often upgrade the pipelines under the road.

“There are sewerage and electrical systems under the road, and these firms would often dig up roads for repairs. It is their duty to patch any holes they had dug.”

He said the public could file complaints with the council at or call  03-55105133.

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