Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport visitors must hunt for their cars in the open car park, come nightfall. PIC COURTESY OF READER

KUANTAN’S Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport visitors must search for their vehicles in the dark due to the absence of a lighting system at its open car park.

Sheikh Rizaudin claimed he even had to use his mobile phone’s torchlight to search for his car.

“The company that manages this car park charges visitors RM2 an hour. But the lighting problem is scary.

“I’ve always assumed it would be fixed at some point, but the car park has been left in the dark for almost a year now.

“It is daunting for drivers, especially women drivers, to be walking alone to their cars at night.

“There’s just no light anywhere, and no indication where the sidewalk might be.

“Not only do drivers need to be extra cautious to avoid hitting anything, but in the dark, drivers could even be robbed,” he said.

He urged the management to resolve the problem as soon as possible.


A Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) spokesman said the streetlights at the car park had since been fixed.

“Upon receiving the complaint, we have fixed the lighting system.

“We thank the visitor for alerting us about the problem,” said the MAHB spokesman.

For any concerns regarding airports under MAHB, the public can call 03-8777 7000 or email

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