Subang Jaya Municipal Council workers dismantling the boom gate, guardhouse and other security barriers in USJ 4 Casablanca in Subang Jaya on Thursday. PIC COURTESY OF READER

THE USJ 4 Casablanca residents association has demanded an apology from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) for tearing down private security facilities in the neighbourhood.

Association president Jeyanthy Pillai said the council should compensate the association for the damage to equipment amounting to RM20,000.

She claimed that the action was done without any notification or discussion with the committee.

She said the residents had started an online petition to demand the apology.

“The council should arrange a meeting between its president and the association to explain the demolition.”

On Thursday, MPSJ’s enforcement officers dismantled a guardhouse, boom gate and levelled speed bumps, which had been funded by the association.

Jeyanthy, who has been living in USJ 4 for 12 years, said the association had received consent from more than 75 per cent of the residents to install a gated and guarded scheme for the neighbourhood.

She said this followed approval by the council, together with a planning permission letter.

She said the letter outlined the different points of entry where security guards and barriers should be placed and times the gates should be closed.

“We have applied for a temporary occupation licence from the land office, but the application is in process.

“Without security guards, crime cannot be reduced. This security scheme can work only if vetting is done at the entry point.”

Jeyanthy said it was impossible to do so if passers-by were not stopped at the entry point as the traffic cones used as barrier were trashed by rowdy people.

“We have encountered situations where thugs hit the security guards. Besides, the guards need to be protected from sun and rain. So, a guardhouse is essential.”

She said there were guidelines from the Selangor Housing and Real Board guideline 7.4 that stated that three warnings and six months’ advance notice must be given to the association before any demolition was carried out.

“We have a letter from the local council stating that the we are allowed to use a boom gate that is guarded for 24 hours and will be opened when needed at any time.

“However, Subang Jaya councillor Pooi Weng Keong has insisted we use only the barrier and vet passers-by from midnight to 6am.


A spokesman for MPSJ said the council had to dismantle the security facilities as the association did not follow specifications and had failed to adhere to the rules.

“The association has blocked the public from going in and out of the area around the clock with its boom gate closed. It should understand that access to USJ 4 is a public road and it is wrong to close it.

“Apart from leading to the neighbourhood, the access road is also for the public to go to commercial buildings in the area. This road is for everyone.

“Although its  application for a gated and guarded scheme has been approved, the way the association has done it is wrong. 

“The association is allowed to close the area only from midnight to 6am.”

The spokesman said the council issued a letter to the association on Dec 21, stating that it would remove the security barriers and the guardhouse.

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