A regular visitor to the Banting Hospital is not happy with the humid atmosphere at the hospital’s pharmacy. Pic source: Google Maps.

A REGULAR visitor to Banting Hospital in Selangor expressed dissatisfaction with the atmosphere of the hospital’s pharmacy.

The visitor, who preferred anonymity, said the pharmacy was humid as it was located too close to the centralised air-condition compressor.

“The hot air from the compressor makes the pharmacy too warm, especially after 3pm.

“Most patients waiting to get their medication are senior citizens, pregnant women and children. The heat makes everyone more uncomfortable, given the long wait for the medications.”


Banting Hospital’s deputy director for management, Md Ibrahim Md Razale, said the hospital was aware of the issue and had taken immediate action to address it.

“We have consulted the hospital’s engineering department personnel who have suggested demolishing the wall as that would allow the hot air to flow out of the pharmacy, thus giving better air flow.

“The management has also identified the contractor for the job.

“Work will be completed before the fasting month starts,” he told Actionline.

He said the hospital would not be able to immediately install air-conditioning at the pharmacy as that would involve other procedures which would take more time.

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