KMSB executive chairman Ahmad Faez Tan Sri Yahaya (fourth from right), KMSB general manager and director, Datuk Jeffrey Lim (left), Hiroyuki Saito, president of KTEC (third from right)

KAWASAKI Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (KMSB) is taking the safety of its motorcycle customers seriously by launching a new programme called the

“Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding (KSRR)” course.

The programme, launched on Wednesday, is the first event organized by KMSB with its principal, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited, and KTEC Corporation of Japan.

It will provide opportunities for Kawasaki owners to learn safe and responsible riding in both theoretical and practical aspects.

KMSB executive chairman Ahmad Faez Tan Sri Yahaya said the programme was aimed at bringing awareness of safety and riding responsibility to motorcycle users on the road.

“We believe this course will contribute to increased awareness of safety and efforts to reduce road accidents involving motorcycles,” he said.

“For this programme, we have instructors trained and certified by K-TEC and Kawasaki, Japan. Professional trainers from K-TEC have trained our instructors to ensure they provide customers a learning experience and enhanced riding ability.”

Ahmad Faez said with the Kawasaki Rideology concept and the rider programme at Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course, the company offered current and new customers the opportunity to enhance their riding ability for a safer and enjoyable experience.

“Kawasaki motorcycles are meant to be fun to ride. It will be more fun when customers are equipped with the right techniques and handling (methods), which customers can learn in this course.

Hiroyuki Saito, president of KTEC Corporation, who was also present at the event, said it was an honour for KTEC to work with KMSB and KHI in the programme, and promote traffic safety and accident prevention in Malaysia.

“Through this programme, we obtained the opportunity to share with Malaysian customers our knowledge and skills of the operation of motorcycles, which have been accumulated over a long time within our company.

KTEC Corporation has about 30 riders who conduct motorcycle driving tests. They work daily to ensure that the high level of standards required for Kawasaki motorcycles are reached and maintained.

Hideto Yoshitake, general manager of quality assurance division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, said Kawasaki motorcycles had always been designed based on the rider-centric development philosophy “Rideology”, for a “fun and rewarding to control” nature.

“We are the pioneers of the leisure motorcycle business in Malaysia, and it is our mission to continue providing our customers the opportunity to attain the highest level of satisfaction through our products and services. Together with our ‘Rideology’ products and rider training services with the Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course, we will continue to support current and future customers to improve safety and get the most from their experience of Kawasaki motorcycles,” he said.

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