IT is known as one of the world’s top 10 toughest motor races. Completing the Rainforest Challenge is no easy feat.

This year, 50 drivers from Malaysia, Brunei, China, Cambodia, Ecuador, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain and many other countries pitted their skills and machines against Mother Nature to win a cash prize of RM20,000.

The event featured seven categories — below 3050cc, above 3050cc, production pick-up truck, modified pick-up truck, portal axles, electric winch and PTO winch.

This year, teams started off with a prologue stage near Balok in Pahang before turning into the jungle where they faced strong river currents and hilly slopes at Sungai Lembing. They convoyed into Jeram Buloh, Chini where heavy mud tested the drivers’ skills and judgment to successfully ascend in and out of hilly terrains and muddy waters. The convoy safely passed through Selancar and camped for a night at Pukin. They then exited Hulu Pukin and regrouped at Sebarau before heading towards Rompin.

A participant being flagged off.

Team Maxxis from Sabah emerged as the winner of the Rainforest Challenge 2017. Team Russia 104 won the first prize, while Team Malaysia 117 won the second prize. The third and fourth prizes went to team Russia 107 and Team Russia 105, respectively.

Drivers taking part in the Grand Finals Race 2017 were flagged off at Tasik Titiwangsa in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 23 and completed the challenge in Pekan on Dec 4.

Petron powered all 50 vehicles in the 4x4 event with its Turbo Diesel Euro 5.

The fuel was used throughout the various stages of the 10-day race. Drivers manoeuvred their machines across challenging terrain, navigating along muddy water and strong river currents, slippery slopes and ultimately, overpowering the grueling and intense challenge in the heart of the Pahang rainforest.

The fuel gives improved ignition quality and excellent protection against corrosion, while providing better fuel economy. Beyond turbo performance, Turbo Diesel Euro 5 produces less emission given its significantly cleaner sulphur content. With 10 ppm sulfur or 50 times less sulfur than the current Euro 2M diesel fuels, which contain 500 ppm, Turbo Diesel Euro 5 meets the ultra-low sulphur requirements of Euro 5 standards, thereby helping to improve air quality.

Participants lined up at a Petrol Station.

Turbo Diesel Euro 5 is now available at 115 stations in Peninsular Malaysia and will be rolled-out at more places in the coming months.

The fuel is formulated with TriAction Advantage additive. TriAction Advantage is the premium additive system in Turbo Diesel Euro 5 that is aimed at giving vehicles better power and better engine operation.

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