If you are into minimalist wallets, a French brand offers aluminium cases mini enough for your pockets.

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Minimalist wallet and card holder

10 cards and banknotes
Genuine carbon fibre and polycarbonate
RFID-safe, metal lock and waterproof

OGON is to day use what the Rimowa is to travel. While the latter’s multi-sized aluminium hard cases have defined stylish travel, Ogon’s smart wallets, designed as mini hard cases for your pockets, is also rewriting the purse game.

Founded in 2004 in Paris, ogon Designs invented the aluminium wallets, inspired by the cigarette cases’ popularity last century.

Adapting the shape for the use for modern urbanites, Ogon made these little pocket-sized suitcases designed for “only essentials”.

One of its bestsellers is the Stockholm V2 Carbon. Minimalism at its best, the metal lock opens to accordion-like pleats in which a maximum of 10 cards can reside.

In theory, the company says it can hold 10 cards and banknotes but in practice, the best card number is six if you want to store some cash that’s folded twice.

But be mindful that the more cash you want to store, the lesser number of cards you can have in it.

The good side is that it is compact, light and its content is accessible in a glance.

With RFID-safe characteristic, it protects your cards from fraud. It’s made with carbon fibre and polycarbonate. It’s waterproof, in case you accidentally spill water on it or drop it in a fish bowl or the pool.

The case is stylish, I must admit. But it’s too minimalist for a man’s minimal wallet. In our modern life where cards are aplenty — identity card, ATM, access cards to office and condominiums, credit cards — that number has to be kept lean for the lock to comfortably close.

The Quilted Button Smart Wallet is aimed at ladies with its quilted design, not unlike the classic pattern of another French brand. Said to also hold up to 10 credit cards, I limit mine to just six because I want to store some folded cash too.

The features are similar to that of the Stockholm V2 Carbon but with a women-centric design. It’s made of anodised aluminium and polycarbonate and comes in 10 colours including Rose Gold, Raspberry, Platinium and Silver.

This one is also stylish but still, it’s too minimal to be practical. It fits in your pocket and it’s not bulky but its small capacity means I still have to bring my little zippered bag with me where other not-so-frequently-used cards, like my La Juiceria and Boost memberships, are kept.

The company uses aluminium because it has many advantages — it's light, rust-resistant and 100 per cent recyclable. It is also a durable and eco-friendly material, a good alternative to leather.

The company uses recycled aluminum, produces as much as possible locally and doesn’t use harmful chemical materials such as lead and nickel.

While I find the aluminium wallets too minimal for my day-to-day practicality, this definitely works well as a travel wallet when you need a minimal number of cards and when, through my experience, credit card fraud is at a higher risk to happen.

I can see myself being hands-free with this while travelling, which is both convenient and safe but for daily use, I’m afraid I still cannot live with “essentials only”.

I need the freedom to decide on my Skinny Dip smoothie anytime, without having to think if my loyalty card is in the wallet.

View and shop Ogon’s selection at https://www.oribags.com/collections/ogon.

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