DATUK Jamal Abdillah finally introduces his wife to the public after being married for almost a year.

Datin Zai Izatti Khiruddin, 23, accompanied Malaysia’s King of Pop to a press conference for an upcoming Secretaries’ Week show at Tenera Hotel in Bangi recently.

“After being married for 11 months now, I think sooner or later, the public will see the two of us together,” says the 58-year-old crooner.

Jamal said he did not plan to introduce his wife at the press conference, but since “she is the closest person to him now”, he needed her with him.

In November, the New Straits Times reported that Jamal finally shared some details of his wife whom he married on April 1 last year.

“She is a godsend. I really appreciate this gift from God and will do my best to care for her. I’m glad that my children have accepted her,” said Jamal.

Zai, who hails from Kulim, Kedah, said she realised the huge age gap between them, but “we’re both learning to accept each other’s quirks”.

“He’s very patient and romantic,” said Zai, whose favourite hit by Jamal is the 1989’s Sepi Seorang Perindu.

Jamal and Zai tied the knot in Ipoh.

They were introduced by friends and had met only once before their wedding.

Jamal was previously married to Basariah Abdul Latiff, Noraina Mohd Yusof and Fatimatuzahrah Samad.

He has two sons, Osama Yamani, 16, from his marriage to Noraina, and Ahmad Zaki Yamani, 10, from his marriage to Fatimatuzahrah.

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Datuk Jamal Abdillah and wife Datin Zai Izatti Khiruddin in Bangi recently. PIC BY NURUL SYAZANA ROSE RAZMAN

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