Popular actor Fattah Amin. Pic by NSTP/HALIMATON SAADIAH SULAIMAN

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actor Fattah Amin is looking a little slender and lean these days.

The 28-year-old artiste has apparently started to hit the gym with his actress wife Nur Fazura Sharifuddin.

“We have been watching what we eat lately and even started doing CrossFit training together,” he said when met at an event announcing the actor as the ambassador of Toyota C-HR, at Slate @ The Row here today.

Fattah said that it was imperative to start looking after his weight, realising that he was guilty for putting on some after tying the knot last year.

Never mind that Fazura, he added, was also skilful in the kitchen, constantly churning out delicious dishes for her man.

“I begged her to go easy in the kitchen and just cook fast and simple healthy dishes instead.

“With a career that requires us to appear slender and lean on TV, we need to be more aware of what we consume,” said the newly-crowned 31st Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian’s Popular TV Actor.

Fattah said they had even brought forward their dinner time.

“It’s earlier now around 6pm, to allow the body to process the food more efficiently. This will hopefully translates to a slimmer waist,” he added.

The couple adopted this new healthier lifestyle a few months ago and according to Fattah who had not been weighing himself since then, many had remarked how trim he was looking now.

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