The iconic Piaget watch worn by Jackie Kennedy.
Elegant pieces from the Possession range.
A timeless piece from Piaget.
Elegant jewellery is a trademark of the brand.

Swiss born Chabi Nouri, the first woman CEO of luxury brand Piaget, tells the writer what drives her

SHE has notched a first with her appointment as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of luxury brand Piaget.

Swiss-born Chabi Nouri is the first woman to ever hold the prestigious post.The multi-talented and highly skilled Nouri has extensive knowledge and experience in the luxury industry and hopes to regenerate Piaget's goals and desires through its rich history and unique heritage and bring the brand even further.

Piaget is synonymous with individuals who appreciate style and elegance.

Nouri, who has a Masters in Economics from the University of Fribourg, is characterised by her passion for her profession and her energy and desire to share an exceptional adventure with her team and the Piaget Society consisting of clients, ambassadors, friends of the brand and artists and celebrities.

She speaks about her work, life and goals:

How does it feel to be the first female CEO of Piaget?
It feels really good but I do not think this is a truly male business. I have personally always evolved within organisations that were willing to increase their diversity, which is fantastic because diversity, in my view, offers different perspectives, different filters and allows for more robust strategies, and the professional world definitely needs more diversity. I am very happy to represent it in that way.

Do you believe a woman brings a unique or different approach to the brand?
It’s a matter of personality and leadership, more a matter of mindset rather than gender.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I wake up at 6.30am with plenty of ideas and to-do lists. I always try to bring my kids to school myself. I spend my day in the office working with my teams and leave around 7pm.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
My teams or rather the people whom I work with and the amazing friends of Piaget whom I meet and the creations of the brand.

What is most challenging about your line of work?
To always be a step ahead.

Nouri is the first female CEO of luxury brand Piaget.

How important is work-life balance to you and how do you achieve it?
It is very important to me to have a good equilibrium between my personal and professional life. I have two children and I always find time for my family and friends.

What are your all-time favourite Piaget pieces?
I love all Piaget creations. On a daily basis, I wear the Piaget Possession bangles and the oval traditional watch is my favorite watch as it is a historical watch and it outlines our expertise and most particularly the know-how of Piaget in gold sculpting bracelets and hard stone dials.

It is a very elegant and feminine watch. This watch was also a “star” so to speak in the movie “Jackie” that was released in theaters recently starring Natalie Portman.

It was also worn by the real Jackie Kennedy herself in the 1960s and is now part of our private collection. I am also completely in love with our Manchette.

What do you think makes Piaget special among other luxury brands out there?
We are the only brand that is both watchmaker as well as jeweller.

Piaget has a rich heritage and an amazing DNA and strong know-how and craftsmanship that enables the brand to create high jewellery collections with amazing pieces. I would say that Piaget has a unique style and strong creativity and a clear positioning.

What are your plans for the brand?
The priority is really to raise awareness of the rich assets of the brand; it has a very unique personality and we want to make that known much more.

We have a very interesting balance between elegant and audacious creations, and going back to our origin and our DNA, it’s a brand that has always been driven by a very positive energy, a shared joy and audacity and that’s really what we want to bring forward — what I call the sunny side of life.

How do you plan to modernise a brand like Piaget with its long history?
My two main priorities are to modernise and rejuvenate the brand. Piaget needs to be discovered more by younger clients.

We plan to have more holistic campaigns and focus on our social network to talk to this new audience.

For example the Piaget Polo S launch with the Game Changers and the Possession line with Olivia Palermo.

As someone who has risen to great heights in the corporate world, what is your advice for other women climbing the ladder?
Always trust in your dream and be positive! Never doubt that you can make it!

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