The front facade of The Bed KLCC
Single Pod Front Entry can house up to 20 guests at a time
The spacious library and reception area for people who would like to catch up on some work
The lounge area, which also doubles as its kitchen, where guests can have their meals

At The Bed KLCC, Loong Wai Ting experiences what it is like to stay in a pod and share a room with 19 strangers

CAPSULE hotel, container hotel, pigeon hole... call them whatever you want but these “pods” are springing up everywhere in the world, making them one of the most affordable places to stay.

The best way to picture the capsule hotel is to imagine individual small rooms (or pods, as they are usually called) — usually the size of a single bed — stacked on top of the other.

What you find inside may vary from one accomodation to another.

Some come with a mini TV, multiple plugs for charging electronic devices and a small locker to store your valuables.

A typical accomodation developed in Japan, a capsule hotel primarily caters to Japanese businessmen who need a place to sleep if they miss the last train home.

You can find these capsule hotels in almost every corner of Japan, and they range from minimalistic pods with window to sci-fi-themed rooms.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are a few capsule hotels such as The Bed KLCC, offering a good night’s sleep for travel-weary people.

Here’s the low-down on my night spent at The Bed KLCC in Jalan Sultan Ismail.


Unlike its Japanese counter part, The Bed KLCC doesn’t have a strict dress code. But it doesn’t mean that you can walk around in your birthday suit.

After a brief check-in at the lobby on the ground floor, I am led to the first floor where my room (or pod) is located.

Here, I am shown my locker — it’s the same as your pod’s number — where I am to store my shoes and put on the in-house slippers.

Locating my pod is very easy. Each pod is designed for one person and similar to bunk beds.

My pod is located at the bottom, so it’s very convenient for me to move around without disturbing my neighbour.

On the bed is a clean towel, a shower cap and dental kit. It’s almost like checking into the normal hotel, except that I’ll be spending the night communal-style.

There are no brouchures telling us how to go about in the premise but basic rules such as no smoking or eating and drinking are allowed inside our rooms.

And it’s common sense for everyone to keep their voices down after 10pm.


Each pod is equipped with basic facilities like a mirror, power plugs, USB port for charging your electronic devices, LED lights, multipurpose foldable tables and a private locker.

My pod is located in the Single Pod Side Entry section, which houses a total of 20 pods in one big room. Dimmed LED lights on the ceiling create that perfect, relaxing atmosphere.

I love the private locker because it allows me to store my huge backpack underneath my bed without having to store it in the locker outside.

A privacy blind can also be pulled up or down to create your own personal space. I actually love the blind as it blocked out almost all of the bright lights from my neighbouring pods.

I call it the “magic blind” because it lets me see out without being seen. How I wish it is able to cancel out the noise as well.

The bed is the highlight of the pod, if not my stay. The soft and firm bed is the same as the one you get in five-star hotels.

My only complaint is that each pod should have at least two pillows. Yes, I actually sneak in a pillow from an unoccupied pod nearby.

The air-conditioning in my room is fantastic. It’s neither too cold nor too stuffy. My initial concern is whether the air would be stuffy or smelly. But all that quickly fly out the window as my room is very airy and the air flow is good.

In terms of pod size, I can lie down inside the capsule comfortably without having any of my limbs danggling over the mattress. I can also sit up without bumping my head on the ceiling (upper bunk). I can also even extend my arms fully without touching the sides of the capsule.

It is rather spacious and I get a solid nine hours of sleep that is slightly interrupted by a nocturia.


It is communal, which means all of us have to share the shower area as well as the toilets. For privacy, each shower area has frosted glass door.

My only concern is that the bathroom has no lock from the inside but there is a lock for each toilet cubicle. Is it by-design or a design fault? I have no idea.

The bath has both a lovely rain shower and showerhead. I take advantage of the strong water pressure and have a relaxing hot shower there.

In another corner of the bathroom, there is an ironing board with iron for guests’ use. There are also hair dryers.


Also located on the ground floor is the common area, where guests can sit by the “fireplace” and relax with a good book in hand.

What I like about this area is that it has a lot of power plugs and high chairs for us to work comfortably on our laptop.

Just behind the common area is the kitchen, where guests can have their meals. Breakfast is provided but don’t expect a lavish buffet spread. Instead, it’s the usual bread with butter and jam, pre-packed nasi lemak, and coffee and tea from the machine.

Oh, if you want something beside coffee and tea, there’s a vending machine inside the kitchen. And if you don’t mind a little bit of walk, there’s a convenience store below.


The Bed KLCC is located inside The Vortex. Each floor (there are three in total, including the ground floor check-in counter) offers different types of pod — Single Pod Side Entry (Female), Single Pod Side Entry (Mixed), Single Pod Front Entry (Mixed), King Pod/Family Pod, Single Pod Suite and Queen Pod Suite.

The Bed KLCC can accommodate up to 170 guests. Guests can choose their preferred pods, ranging from private pods in sharing room to private suite pods, and immerse themselves in a luxurious home away from home experience.

To ensure guests’ comfort and security, the hotel provides 24-hour security, 24-hour check-in reception and 24-hour in-house cleaners. The lounge area opens from 6am to midnight, where guests can work in the business work stations, spend their leisure time watching TV, or interact with new friends from all around the world. The hotel also has a mini cafeteria that offers complimentary coffee/tea throughout the day.

The capsule hotel is well connected to an excellent transportation network such as free shuttle bus (GoKL), Light Rail Transit (LRT) and monorail, all available at a walking distance from the hotel.

The Bed KLCC rates ranges from RM69 per pod per night, with the single pod suite priced from RM139 per pod inclusive of complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping, and high speed Internet access.

In conjunction with its soft opening, The Bed KLCC is offering an introductory room rate from RM49 nett inclusive of complimentary breakfast. (Offers valid until Dec 31).



12 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TEL +603 2715 2413


STAY Single Pod Side Entry (Female), Single Pod Side Entry (Mixed), Single Pod Front Entry (Mixed), King Pod/Family Pod, Single Pod Suite and Queen Pod Suite.

EAT Breakfast is complimentary

DO A great place for family and friends gathering

GO Go for a walk around the hotel. The KL Tower, KLCC and major shopping malls in Jalan Bukit Bintang are within walking distance

HIGHS Comfortable, easy access and the place is spotless

LOWS Limited choice of breakfast

RATES Price starts from RM69 per pod per night and the single pod suite is priced from RM139 per pod per night

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