Use the family to positively charge ourselves.

In this digital age, we’re more than familiar with the routine of charging our mobile phone battery. Sometimes we do it a few times a day, depending on its condition. In doing so, we’re effectively putting back the energy into a dying battery.

But what about our internal energy? How many times do we recharge it every day? And what’s the best way of doing it?

Most of us feel drained by the time we reach home from work. Sometimes, this can even happen much earlier in the day, for example, when we get stuck in an unexpected traffic congestion on the way to work.

Once in the workplace, the energy is drained further as we contend with having to manage deadlines and attend to multiple meetings. And just when we think that it’s all over, there’s still another battle that awaits — the evening traffic.

It’s no wonder that by the time we reach home our body battery is at a dangerously low level. This in turn contributes to the pent-up feelings inside. Some of us are not very good at containing these negative emotions and it only takes a small trigger to make us explode. And when this happens, the family harmony is destroyed and we end up reversing all those hours we spent nurturing a happy and loving family.


Let’s not allow this to happen to our family. Instead, use the family to positively charge ourselves. How can we do it? There are many way but first we must learn to separate the work place from our home life. We need to build a buffer zone between the two so that the negative emotion from one place does not affect the other. Once we can control such emotion, we can move on to the next steps.

Begin with turning off all electronic devices at least an hour a day. My family are already practising this. Our ‘electronic-free’ hour is between seven to eight o’clock in the evening. Usually we fill this time with having dinner together, indulging in some light games or just chatting to each other.

Ensure that the family eats together at least once a day. Dinner time usually works best for most families. This is also the perfect time to catch up on the stories of the day. If you’re feeling adventurous, the electronic-free hour can be extended for a little longer. Don’t worry about filling the time. Just let you and your kids’ sense of creativity to take over. It will definitely be a time well spent. Ironically, you will increase your body energy in addition to saving your devices’ batteries too!

Life is already stressful as it is. Don’t let family stresses drain your inner battery too. Lower your expectations, learn to let go and just have some fun. You’ll be surprised at how much energy you’d have for a new day. Enough to take on the world!

Zaid Mohamad coaches and trains parents to experience happier homes and more productive workplaces. Reach him at

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