KUALA LUMPUR: Good wishes from her customers saw lady luck smiling on a lucky punter when she won the RM63.9 million Supreme Toto 6/58 jackpot on Feb 6.

The 60-year-old winner, who came to collect her winnings, two days after the draw with her son at the Sports Toto headquarters here, said it was indeed an early big ang pow for her, barely a week before Chinese New Year (CNY).

The winning numbers were 18, 21, 26, 27, 48 and 52.

"As CNY is just around the corner, many customers who came to my shop, greeted me with a lot of good wishes.

“With the feel-good wishes, I had decided to use some small notes in my drawer and asked my son to buy some Sports Toto tickets just to try my luck," she said.

The lucky punter’s son said following the request of his mother, he went to the nearest Sports Toto outlet and bought some "CNY Lucky Pick ang pows", currently on sale just for the festive season.

(File pix) A VIP paid RM19m to settle MACC probe.

Mother and son did not check the results on Monday night but overheard people discussing at the coffee shop that the jackpot was won by someone from who purchased the winning ticket from the outlet, where the ticket was purchased.

"I quickly went to the outlet to validate the tickets and I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the CheckWin machine actually displayed the whopping RM63,913,531.20. Hence, I checked my phone again to double confirm the result and I quickly ran home to tell my mother the good news," said the son.

The winner said she has yet to plan on how to use the winnings.

The RM63.9 million Supreme Toto 6/58 jackpot is the second largest jackpot in the country following the record-breaking RM69.6 million jackpot from Grand Toto 6/63, which was won last year.

Since January 2018, Sports Toto had given away over RM100 million worth of Lotto jackpot prizes including the RM63.9 million from Supreme Toto 6/58 on Feb 6, 2018, RM28.3 million from Power Toto 6/55 on Jan 28, 2018 and RM7.9 million from Star Toto 6/50 on Jan 27.

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