We need to ensure a safe gap between roads and trees. NSTP file Pic

LOCAL authorities must ensure that roadside trees and plants pose no danger to motorists. This comes after a accident involving a Form 5 student in Melaka recently.

Muhammad Nordanial Mohd Khir, 17, was riding his motorcycle to school when a branch from a roadside tree fell on him, leading to his death.

This incident should not be taken lightly as it can happen to motorists and pedestrians.

As a tropical country, roadside trees and plants are not uncommon.

Almost every road has roadside trees and plants.

Some trees and plants are small and others are as big as those found in jungles.

Roadside trees and plants control flash floods and land erosion and, at the same time, provide greenery.

However, we should ensure that accidents caused by
fallen branches don’t happen anymore.

We can create an agency to supervise roadside trees and plants. It is difficult for existing agencies to do the job without knowing the exact number of roadside trees and plants.

Having an agency with enforcement officers will ensure the trees are safe.

Secondly, there should be laws to regulate trees and plants that can be planted in roadsides.

Similarly, we need to ensure
a safe distance between trees and roads.


Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia,
Nilai, Negri Sembilan

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