Serene Villas at Sunway City Ipoh. Pic by SUNWAY PROPERTY
Elmina Valley 4 @ City of Elmina. Pic by SIME DARBY PROPERTY

BUYING the first house is perhaps the most aspirational investment that everyone prepares for but skyrocketing property prices have many putting off the plan to buy now.

Instead, they prefer to rent a house while waiting for the moment they can afford to buy one.

That day, however, may take a long time unless they are prepared to start saving now.

Despite the economic uncertainties, market experts said one of the top financial priorities should be to invest in a house or an apartment.

Lawrence Walter Seminars (LWS) founder and international chief master trainer Datuk Dr Lawrence Walter Ng said home ownership certainly had its benefits.

Ng believed that people should be constantly motivated to own a property as an investment for the future generations and, at the same time, to hedge their wealth against inflation.

“Also, investing in a property, motivates and drives you to work harder to achieve your goals. So by taking the first bold step to commit to a property, the rest will flow in naturally,” he said.

LWS is a corporate training consultancy firm. Some of its clients are UEM Sunrise Bhd, SP Setia Bhd and Uda Holdings Bhd.

“When you think of the purpose of investing in a property, which are getting married, having a comfortable home for your family and securing financial freedom, you will be motivated to take the first step!”

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