Malaysian Football Coaches Association (PJBM) president, B. Sathianathan says coaches should not give face to ‘big headed’ players. File pic by SADDAM YUSOFF.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Football Coaches Association (PJBM) president, B. Sathianathan has advised coaches not to give face to players who are ‘big headed’ and instead discard them for the greater good of their respective teams.

While admitting that negative attitudes do exist, Sathianathan who is a former national coach explained that the responsibility to change or reprimand such difficult players is that of the coach and not the team’s management.

“The first step that can be taken by a coach is to acknowledge, advise and correct the player, but if the player is still being stubborn and ‘big headed’, then as coaches we need to think for the greater good of the team and remove such a player.

“We also need to think if such a player is truly needed by the team or not. Though in Malaysia we do not have football superstars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Luis Suarez.

“The standards of our players are all about the same only and if our players are ‘big headed’ and in the same league as Messi, Ronaldo or Suarez then perhaps maybe we can close one eye.

“But in Malaysia, there are no such players of such stature and greatness. So it is up to the coaches and how they deal with such difficult players,” said Sathianathan when contacted earlier today.

Sathianathan said as much with regards to claims made by FA of Malaysia (FAM) president, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim who said that many senior players in the country including those from the national squad sadly have such negative behaviour and attitudes.

During the press conference after the FAM Exco committee meeting last Saturday, Tunku Ismail also expressed concern about the ‘virus’ brought by senior players which will spread to young players after they make it to the senior squad.

Apart from this, Sathianathan who now coaches Felda United FC, also reminded all players to take heed of the behaviour and attitude of the country’s legendary footballers such as Datuk Soh Chin Aun and the late Datuk Mokhtar Dahari who preferred to set the right example and share their experiences with young players.

“We need to realise and accept the fact that there are no superstar or world class players in Malaysia.

“When I first started playing together with Chin Aun and Mokhtar Dahari last time, even though they were big names and the country’s top players, they were not ‘big headed’ nor arrogant.

“In fact, they were more than willing to help, show and share with me which I am very grateful for,” he said.

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