LTAM president Mirzan Mahathir. (BERNAMA)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) want to continue talks with Malaysia Stadium Corporation (MSC) on the privatisation of the National Tennis Complex (NTC) in Jalan Duta.

Previously left out of the loop, LTAM were invited by MSC to attend a final round of presentations by the three companies (which are private academies) vying for the privatisation job last Friday.

The presentation was also attended by MSC chief executive officer Azman Fahmi Osman as well as LTAM president Mirzan Mahathir and secretary Rahizam Rahim.

LTAM feel that more in depth discussions are needed to ensure that the NTC will be well managed.

"We did voice our concerns regarding the privatisation but the meeting was more focused on the presentations from the companies due to the limited time,” said Rahizam today.

"From what we have been told, there will not be any more presentations after this. MSC will now evaluate the three companies.

"Hopefully when MSC have narrowed down their selection, we will be able to meet again. There are still a lot of areas we need to discuss in detail with them.”

LTAM had earlier this month voiced their concerns about giving full control of the NTC to a private academy as it could lead to a number of issues which happened in the past, including abuse of court usage, recurring. A number of private academies had been given partial control of NTC previously.

On a separate note, Rahizam added that LTAM have identified a number of promising players from the first leg of the TennisMalaysia Junior Tour which came to an end at NTC yesterday.

"There are a few players who we would like to further develop through international exposure, such as playing in ITF junior tournaments, when possible."

He listed boys' Under-16 winner Chan Soon Keat and runner-up Muhammad Nur Iman Muhammad Noor Ariffin, girls' Under-16 winner Hannah Yip as well as boys' Under-14 champion Hayden Khoo as those that shone over the weekend.

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