(File pix) Armed police patrols are now hunting for the suspect. Guangxi News/SCMP Photo

HONG KONG: Police in southern China are hunting a killer who went on the rampage with a cleaver, killing a one-year-old baby and wounding three people.

Witnesses told Guangxi Television News Channel that the man, who was thought to suffer mental health problems, also attacked the baby’s mother and slashed at two passers-by who had come to her aid.

The man, who appeared to be in his 20s, had been drinking beer by the roadside before he picked up a cleaver from a restaurant and ran down the street.

Video clips of a man lying on the blood-stained pavement in Dawu village, near Nanning in Guangxi region, circulated online.

The three wounded were being treated in hospital.

Nanning police said they had stepped up armed patrols in the area while they were hunting for the man.

Police added that the incident had been captured on surveillance cameras and they had a clear facial image of the suspect.

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